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Can I Stop a Wage Garnishment and How?


If you do not pay your debts, the people you owe may go to the court and acquire a wage garnishment. People tend to refer to this as having their wages “garnished’, but the right term is a garnishee or garnishment.

To garnish your wages, a creditor must take you to court, sue you, and obtain a Garnishment Order from the court. The only exceptions are a Credit Union that you have given an assignment of wage, or Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

Can you stop a wage garnishment by agreeing to pay the debt? - If a creditor has gone through all the effort of garnishing your wages, he/she is not very likely to lift the garnishment because you agree to pay. Creditors garnish those they believe will not pay, or those who have not paid in the past.

Three ways to stop wage garnishment include repaying the debt, filing a proposal to the creditors, or filing for personal bankruptcy.

The court will decide how much can be garnished from your wages.

If you are being threatened with wage garnishment, or if you are looking for a way to stop a wage garnishment that has already started, we highly recommend you to immediately consult our licensed bankruptcy trustee, arrange for a free consultation, and discuss your options with him/her. Remember, the longer you postpone taking care of the problem, the more you will lose from each paycheque.



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